Other fun stuff

And I work on lots of other things too. Below, some highlights.

Compass Rose

I have a production company with director Andrew May and writer Chris Baker. We've made a short film that won the audience award at the Nighthawk Short Film Festival in Brooklyn; we've optioned a TV series called Temporary Guardian, about a guardian angel stuck in the temp pool, filling in for real guardians when they go on vacation; and made branded content pieces for Time Inc., DIRECTV, and SuperMicro. Whatever the format, we aim to tell a compelling, satisfying story. 

Assorted podcasts

I'm currently working on my first piece for Radiolab — it's a story about love ... and climate change. Last year, I also researched and wrote season 2 of the Investigation Discovery podcast, What the Crime?!, which explores strange phenomena in crime. During the season, we headed to Las Vegas to learn about the unsolved murder of an Elvis impersonator; myth-busted the conjugal visit; and explored why senior citizens are committing so many crimes these days. 


Several years back, I created Kate-book.com — the only blog out there for, by and about Kates. Written by 12 contributors, all with the same name, it's a potpourri of book reviews, advices columns, personal essays, and more — with celebrity coverage that focuses on Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, Kate Moss and the like. I recently handed over the reigns to editor-in-chief Kate Stephenson who is working on a redesign and relaunch. Stay tuned this fall.