Highlights from TED

Check out some of my favorite video pieces and special projects that I've worked on at TED. Plus lots of articles written for our online magazine, Ideas.TED.com.

The year in ideas, in 8 minutes flat

What were the most powerful ideas of 2014? I worked with our video team to create this 8-minute highlight reel of the biggest ideas of the year. And with our tech team to create an interactive tour of the talks included.

How color helps tell a story in film

There’s no Academy Award for Best Color — yet — but this less-celebrated element of filmmaking often propels a story forward. In this article, I interview the makers of Moonlight and Pixar's director of photography.

Community health heroes

In Liberia, many people live hours from the nearest health clinic. Last Mile Health trains community health workers to bring life-saving care door to door. In this video, meet two of these heroes: Prince and Josephine. 

Finding the lost cultures of ancient Peru

Ancient Peru was home to many cultures, most of them still quite mysterious to archaeologists. In this article, a look at some cultures that Sarah Parcak's GlobalXplorer could help us learn more about.

Ideas from an inventor with 200+ patents

Robert Fischell invented the rechargeable pacemaker and the implantable insulin pump — and helped create the precursor to GPS. I interviewed the 87-year-old inventor to get a peek into his creative process.

The past, present + future of food in space

In 1962, John Glenn became the first American to eat in space, squeezing applesauce and puréed beef through his helmet. Here, a tour of the past and present of space food, plus a sneak peek of what's next.

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