Highlights from TED

Check out some of my favorite video series that I worked on at TED. Plus lots of articles for the online magazine, Ideas.TED.com.

Small Thing, Big Idea:  A TED original series

What makes the pencil so perfect? How did the button change fashion? I researched + wrote this Webby-winning series alongside speakers like Isaac Mizrahi and Paola Antonelli of MOMA. Mac Premo directed. 

Ideas from an inventor with 200+ patents

Robert Fischell invented the rechargeable pacemaker and the implantable insulin pump — and helped create the precursor to GPS. I interviewed the 87-year-old inventor to get a peek into his creative process.

Torchbearers: Lives changed by TED Talks

In this 5-part series, made with CNN's Great Big Story, meet people who picked up the ideas in TED Talks and ran with them. As Story Editor, I worked with all — from a 90-year-old space archaeologist to the Mayor of Louisville.

The year in ideas, in 8 minutes flat

What were the most powerful ideas of 2014? I worked with our video team to create this 8-minute highlight reel of the biggest ideas of the year. And with our tech team to create an interactive tour of the talks included.

How color helps tell a story in film

There’s no Academy Award for Best Color — yet — but this less-celebrated element of filmmaking often propels a story forward. In this article, I interview the makers of Moonlight and Pixar's director of photography.

The past, present + future of food in space

In 1962, John Glenn became the first American to eat in space, squeezing applesauce and puréed beef through his helmet. Here, a tour of the past and present of space food, plus a sneak peek of what's next.

And more stories: